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The Old Ways v 1.01

A Race MOD for Morrowind

Revision History:
Updated 05/25/02 - female models added for Shade and Valheru races. All 3 download files uploaded.

This mod contains 3 new races, a new class, and makes a few classes playable that weren't before: (Necromancer, Witch, and Warlock.)

The Races

Rebis: This race is the sorcerous offspring of Dark Elven worshippers of Mephala. The Rebis is a fusion of genders, and possesses the innate qualities of the warrior-priest. They are few in number, and act as champions of this Lord of Oblivion, aiding warlocks and witches in thier secret schemes. I intended this to be the only race I needed to make, since it was a character concept I wanted to play. Then I got 2 more requests.

Skill Bonus Base Attribues Ability
Conjuration +10 Str 40 Sanctuary
Long Blade +10 Int 50 Resist Disease
Mysticism +10 Wil 45 Soul Trap
Heavy Armor +10 Agi 35
Marksman +5 Spd 40
  End 40
    Per 35
    Luc 35


Shade: The Shades are born among the human races, and are seen as an evil omen. They are killed at birth among the Imperials, as they believe that they are destined to be witches or necromancers.

Skill Bonus Base Attribues Ability
Marksman +15 Str 40 Spell Absorption
Acrobatics +10 Int 40 Paralysis
Sneak +10 Wil 35  
Illusion +10 Agi 50
    Spd 45
  End 35
    Per 35
    Luc 40


Valheru: Once the dominant race, ruler of all races, the Valheru fell from grace of the gods they angered. Now, the Valheru strive to rebuild what was stolen from them. They worship no god, as they consider themselves equal if not superior to all gods, at least when they were in their prime.

Skill Bonus Base Attribues Ability
Heavy Armor +15 Str 40 Night Eye
Long Blade +15 Int 40 Magica Bonus 1.5
Enchant +10 Wil 30 Soul Trap
Mysticism +5 Agi 40 Voice of the Emperor
  Spd 50
  End 40
    Per 30
    Luc 40


The Class

Alienist: The Alienist is a hybrid class of conjuror and knight. They summon creatures from the netherworld to aid them, and deal in the souls of lesser beings, binding them to their purposes. They fight with the heavy ritual armor and weapons of the ancient days, and assist their summoned servants when necessary.

Class: Alienist Major Skills Minor Skills
Long Blade Alteration
Primary Attributes Conjuration Enchant
Intelligence Heavy Armor Athletics
Endurance Mysticism Acrobatics
Marksman Medium Armor
Specialization The Alienist is a warrior-priest devoted to protecting and furthering the aims of the old Daedric cults. They summon their powers from Oblivion, and fight with ancient world ritual weapons and armor.

I made this class to accompany my idea of the renegade cult of Mephala, and it's strange warrior-priests. It could just as easily facilitate a Melnibonean character concept as well. Use it or not, as you wish.


How to Install

  1. First, you will need to create a folder called 'b' under your Program Files\Bethseda Softworks\Morrowing\Data Files\Meshes folder. You should then download the file and unzip the contents into that folder.
  2. Next, download the file and unzip the contents into your Program Files\Bethseda Softworks\Morrowing\Data Files\Textures folder.
  3. Next, download the file, and unzip it into your Program Files\Bethseda Softworks\Morrowing\Data Files folder.
  4. Start Morrowind, and click on Data Files. Make sure that 'Morrowind' and 'The Old Ways' are both selected.
  5. Continue the startup, and start a new game to choose one of the new races.


I have not uploade these files yet. If you are interested in this mod, please let me know at
If I get enough interested responses, I will post these and send everyone an email that they are available. (495 kb) (1.92 mb) (2.8